by kevin


(Dec. 2003/18 y.o)
Tall (1.96m), strong, left-footed centre-back. Good on the ball and great physicality, solid in 1v1 and in the air. Also good long ball range
Pape Demba Diop
(Sep. 2003/18 y.o)
Tall (1.88m), athletic defensive or box-to-box midfield. Has a lot of presence in the field. Great work rate in ball winning and transition. Plays constantly forward and can finish. Has a powerful shot.
(March 2002/20 y.o)
Pacey and technical winger. Needs a year of work to reach full potential physically to completely blow. Can play left and right winger. Good for a mid-table team where he will play every week. With confidence he is a really threatening player for the opposition.


Cheikh Mbaye Diouf
(Feb. 2002/20 y.o): Quick, right-footed agressive centre back. 1.86m tall, he can also play as a right back as you can see on his video with the national team. Very offensive when he plays in that position, fantastic cardio. Another video of him as a CB is being prepared. He can play with 2 at the back, 3 at the back, right back in a back 4 and Wing back in a back 5.
Cheikh Serigne Faye
(Jan. 1999/23 y.o): 1,72m. Explosive, offensive right back. Very generous, technical and agressive with big work rate. He can play in a back 4 as well as in back 5 as a wing back (which is for me where he is excellent). He can also play as a winger if needed. Ready for top teams but could go lower and also stand out quick.
Insa Boye
(March 2002/20 y.o): 1,75m. Box-to-box midfielder (the one scouted by Mjondalen). High work rate and great technical ability as well as great capacity to get in the box. Pretty much the same profile than Badou Ndiaye. Can help as a winger sometimes when needed. Ready for top teams too but could also go a step lower and can also stand out quick.


Bacary Sane
(Dec. 2002/19 y.o)
1.85m right-footed Centre Back. Very calm in recovery and duels. Strong in the air and in 1v1, has a good long ball range. Has not played much in that position but I think he can also do well as a holding midfielder. Should start with mid-table teams in Scandinavia and will develop quickly to become important. Can become top with a lot of games in and confidence.
Diang Diallo
(March 2004/18 y.o)
1.84m left-footed centre back. Very high technical ability and great ball recovery short and long, defends a lot with flair and anticipation and positioning but is also solid when in 1v1. Needs to gain more strength and aerial duels to be completely ready but for me one of our greatest prospects. Can join a top team in Scandinavia and Austria and so but the clubs that can finish his development before becoming a regular starter or a step lower with a team that's great in developing players.
Bilaly Diallo
(June 1999/23 y.o)
Quick, technical and offensive left back. Can play in a back 4 or 5. Suitable for a mid-table team

Heading Title

Assane Beye
(Jan. 2000/22 y.o)
Powerful, quick and solid left back or centre back. 1.82m tall. His best position is centre back especially in a back 3 but is also a natural left back. Explosive and good in the air. Perfect for a mid-table team to quickly stand out.
Boubacar Diedhiou Diallo
(May 2002/20 y.o)
Technical left-footed box-to-box player. Has the ability to dominate and run he tempo of a game on his own. Was going to sign a year and a half ago for Nimes before their President decided not to sign anymore players.
Cherif Bodian
(April 1999/23 y.o)
Technical midfielder can play as a holding mid or a number 8. Great work rate as well, covers a lot of space, very intelligent in his movement and passing.